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Strategic documents


The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Kaposvár (SUMP) is a short and medium-term operational action plan until 2023 that will help establish the transport development projects to be implemented. Its purpose is to enable people in the city to choose between transport alternatives to achieve their targets, improve the conditions of the environment: reducing air pollution, noise pollution and energy consumption; improve the cost-effectiveness of passenger and freight transport. The measures set out in the plan will contribute to increasing the attractiveness of the urban environment and improving its quality.



The Integrated Settlement Development Strategy, up to 2020, sets targets for Kaposvár to become an economic center based on regional resources and cooperation, to become a green city with increasing number of healthy families. The document outlines these goals and the related development programs, sharing this information according to districts.



The strategic goals of the IVS – Integrated Urban Development Strategy of 2008 were summarized in 7 points: Kaposvár should become an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable and livable city with a strong local economy, a sub-regional tourism and cultural center, become the logistics base of the region, co-center of scientific, ecclesiastical, sports, cultural and artistic activity, the center of the region, a university town and the home of the Kaposvár families; a "habitable city" that ensures a good quality of life. The Integrated Urban Development Strategy also defined the fields of action. This document was the basis of the later Integrated Settlement Development Strategy.

Employment Pact

The aim of the employment pact is to harmonize the local labor market demand and supply by cooperation of the local public sector, economic operators and businesses. They would like to achieve these goals by organizing courses tailored to needs of job-seekers, providing labor market services and wage cost subsidies. To achieve these goals, the Employment Pact organization was founded by 21 founding members, which, by 2021, has undertaken to involve 843 persons in the labor market program. The territorial scope of the project is the administrative area of Kaposvár.

Somogy megyei Foglalkoztatási Paktum projekt

Local Building Regulations and Regulatory Plan

The Local Construction Requirements of Kaposvár County City and the related rights and requirements are set out in the Local Building Regulations and Regulatory Plan, in accordance with the Settlement's Structural Plan.

Kaposvár Város Helyi Építési Szabályzat és Szabályozási Terv