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Informatikai Képzőközpont

In 2019 the first IT training center will open its doors in Kaposvár, which will become home to IT and software companies operating in the city.
In the new complex, operated by the Kaposvár Economic Development and Innovation Public Nonprofit Ltd., we will find multifunctional conference and training rooms, where it will be possible - among others - to hold IT training courses. The first co-working office in the city will be established here.
In front of the building - in the country's first smart park - passers-by will be able to use free wifi, the special benches will be suitable for charging phones, to which power will be supplied by solar energy, generated by solar trees.


ikk képThere will be 16 offices, 3 training rooms, 3 coworking offices, 2 meeting rooms and 1 shop which can be rented.

More information: Zsolt Sáska (saska.zsolt@kgik.hu)


Az épület tervrajza


Ground floor:E-02_M2 kicsi FÖLDSZINTI BERENDEZÉSI ALAPRAJZ 1_50-1
2 offices(43,31 m2, 24,52 m2)
1 meeting room(30,44 m2)
1 furniture storeroom
1 engine-room
3 training rooms(30,60m2; 36,57m2; 27,66m2)
1 toilet

1 kitchenette
3 coworking offices (24,93m2; 45,22m2; 32,28m2)
1 shop (60,74 m2)


First floor:E-03_M2 kicsi EMELETI BERENDEZÉSI ALAPRAJZ 1_50-1

14 offices*

1 meeting room (31,91m2)

1 toilet

1 kitchenette

1 engine-room


*Emeleti irodák területe:

Rentable office 1
Rentable office2
Rentable office3
Rentable office4
Rentable office5
Rentable office 6
Rentable office7
Rentable office8
Rentable office 9
Rentable office10
Rentable office11
Rentable office12
secretariat 1
secretariat 2

The chart above contains information also beyond the screen. You are able to see the chart in full extention moving it to left and right.


Offices and other types of rooms can be rented for a shorter or longer period, even for the duration of different courses. If you are interested, our company will be happy to provide you with more information.

For further information, please contact our colleague: Sáska Zsolt(saska.zsolt@kgik.hu)