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Videoton Industrial Park

The Industrial Park got its name from the Videoton Elektro-Plast Kft. which deals with the assembly of electronic equipment but there are members in the industrial park of the food industry, warehousing and passenger transportation. Based on the officially published financial reports, the largest sales revenue of 27 billion HUF (official financial report 2017) is of Videoton Elektro-Plast Kft., however the sales revenue of Fino-Food Kft and Privát Húsfeldolgozó Kft. is also significant. The Videoton Industrial Park is located in the eastern part of the city, near the Kaposvár bypass road, which will be expanded by the R67 expressway connecting Kaposvár and Budapest. This industrial park is formed by the association of several companies. There are other major companies in the surrounding industrial area, which operate in the production of gears and machinery but they are not directly part of the industrial park however close they are.


Eastern Industrial Park

There are several companies in the Industrial Park which are mainly engaged in export markets. Due to the location of the area you can easily reach the main routes to the bypass road leading to the M7 motorway and to the southern part of the country. Here you can find the Metyx Hungary Kft., which produces components mainly for wind turbines of plastic composite. Next to Metyx Hungary Kft. the Cabero Refrigeration Containers Manufacturer Ltd. is located, which is world-renowned and has production units and commercial offices around the world. The Gépközvetítő Ltd. operates also in the Eastern Industrial Park and utilizes the characteristics of the county by leasing agricultural machinery and it offers additional services.


Füredi úti Industrial Park

The 5 hectare area is waiting for new investors. This industrial park is close to the northwestern industrial area, which hosts warehousing, agricultural, commercial and machine-building businesses. It is easily accessible from Budapest and from Lake Balaton. 



The latest industrial park in Kaposvár is the Inpark, operated by the  state-owned National Industrial Park Operator and Development Company (NIPÜF). The construction works of the park have begun last year. At the moment the entire public area of 35.8 hectares is under construction.
In the construction site of the Industrial Park, over 146,000 square meters of land is on offer for investors. NIPÜF services include the development, purchase, design and licensing, construction, sale and rental of logistics and / or manufacturing facilities, provision of turnkey solutions, project management and government support. 


There are still free plots available in Kaposvár industrial parks and industrial areas.
For further information please, contact our colleague: Sáska Zsolt saska.zsolt@kgik.hu