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Education and Innovation Workshop

About the project:


The project aims the construction of an Education and Innovation Workshop in cooperation with the Pannon University and the University of Óbuda which is based on the synergia of training portfolios.

The workshop is going to be the operating system and also the connecting link between the educational and searching institutions and the corporate sector, which helps creating cooperations, generating S+D projects, dessimination of new searching results and connecting youngsters into the labour market.

In the frame of the project the followings are going to be created in the city:

1. Education and Innovation Workshop
In the frame of the project an Education and Innovational Workshop will be formed which can be a connecting link between the education and the corporate sector. 
(around 100-200 m2 educational workshop will be constructed with all infrastructure).
This workshop will be able to support the secondary education of the city, the dual training of the University helping the university students to get practice knowledge and become professionals creating real value for the economic actors of the city. 
The workshop gives space to children (from the kindergarden to the University) to form there aspects inconnection with robotics and IT.
2. Operating system
In term of the complexity of the project focuses on the development of the connection of  higher education, vocational training and the corporate sector, which supports innovations and the development of local economy as there is a great request for professional with prectice knowledge in the city.
One of the target groups of the workshop is the group of those University students who do there last semester and are supposed to take part in a half-year long internship to get practice knowledge.
The members of other target group are those small- and medium-sized enterprises of Kaposvár who offer internship positions for university students.


Aims of the project:



  • Supporting innovations,

  • Collecting information about the request of the local labour market ,

  • Creating stabel small- and medium-sized enterprises and support them to be able to fit into the economic life of the local and regional economy.

  • Creating new workplces,

  • Practice knowledge: University student will be able to get useful practice knowledge during taking part in internship at the local companies,

  •  Decrease in labor migration by helping enterprises and students connection to each other.

  • Supprting bussiness ideas to go to the market.

  • More children get familiar with the world of robotics and IT, which can generate more professional for the labour market.