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The government support the small- and medium-sized enterprises in digitalization

The government considers it very important to help small- and medium-sized enterprises in the process of digitalization - said László György under-secretary responsible for economical strategi and economical regulation.


László György has signed a strategic agreement with Joint Venture Association to involve its partner into process of legislation. 

The under-secretary emphasised that mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises enquire support, as large enterprises are ready to sucessfully go throught digitalization also without help.

The university focused ecosystem can be the tool for success, which provides the larges companies and give motivation for smaller ones. By its knowledge and infrastructure the smaller enterprises get organization developing, branding, market and product improving services. 

According to the under-secretary for the more and more complex challenges the government need to give more and more complex solutions, that is why they focus on sciences, higher education and innovation.

Source: http://www.kormany.hu/hu/innovacios-es-technologiai-miniszterium/gazdasagstrategiaert-es-szabalyozasert-felelos-allamtitkar/hirek/a-kormany-segiteni-kivanja-a-cegeket-a-digitalizacioban