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The cohesion politics should be focused on R+D, innovation and digitalization

László Palkovics was the representative of Hungry on the press conference of Friends of Cohesion country part conference. The under-secretary said that the cohesion subsidies have to be spent on R+D and digitaliztaion.

For EU Brexit means that budget will decrease with an approximately  80 milliard EUR. The Europen Union would like to spend this amount on the problem of country development differencesjust like before. However the EU countries have to be understand that in line the reduction of financial sources support given to member countries will also decreas. 


The main question of the conference was that on which fields the cohesion sources should be spent. Mr. Palkovics said that the Hungarian government do not agree with EU in every points. Hungary would like to spend this amount on R+D, innovation and digitaliztaion following original plans and do not spend it on other fields just like migration. 


Source: http://www.kormany.hu/hu/innovacios-es-technologiai-miniszterium/hirek/az-unio-kovetkezo-koltsegvetesenek-a-kutatast-es-a-digitalizaciot-kell-szolgalnia