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Modern civilization needs innovative and responsible engeneers

The Institution of Civil Engeneers (ICE) celebrates the 200. anniversary of its establishment this year. In this occasion the Hungarian Chamber of Architects organized an event in the ceremony hall of Hungarian Academy of Sciences.



The Hungarian Minister responsible for innovation and technology said that it is important to create an attractive, liveable and sustainable built environment which ensure the infrastructural circumstances of economy development.

He added that the energetical improvement and the use of environmentally friendly materials mean a significant cost saving for the Hungarian government and for the citizens while they are good for the environment too. 

Andreas prince of York, patron of ICE has also taken part in the event. He empasised the significance of motivating and supporting younger generations to notice the importance and requisitness of engeneering. 

In occasion of the jubileum the Tierney Clark prize was been given to László Mátyássy hungarian architect, creator of the structural plan of moson Duna-bridge.


Source: http://www.kormany.hu/hu/innovacios-es-technologiai-miniszterium/hirek/modern-civilizacio-nem-letezik-innovativ-es-felelosen-gondolkodo-mernokok-nelkul