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László Palkovics has enter the 2018/2019 vocational training year together with a humanoid robot

László Palkovics Innovational and technology Minister of Hungary has spoken about the circumstances of vocational training in Hugary and also about the future improvement possibilities in the Entrance Ceremony in Győr.


In the Ceremony in Győr the robot helping the entrance of the 2018/2019 vocational training year told a poem and also waved to the audiance. 

20180901_BGA_7441kép: Botár Gergely/kormány.hu


László Palkovics said that the judgement of vocational training has changed a lot in the past years, however the development has to be continued in the future as well. The goal is to increase the competitiveness and fascination of vocational training and adult education and modernizate them. In the next years the government will spend around 10 milliard HUF for the infrastructural developmnet of the schools.

Source: http://www.kormany.hu/hu/innovacios-es-technologiai-miniszterium/hirek/robottal-nyitotta-meg-az-orszagos-szakkepzesi-tanevet-palkovics-laszlo