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It is important to support innovative small- and medum-sized enterprises

László Palkovics minister of innovation and technologies has spoken about the significance of the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises in the finals of Pitch@Palac Hugary 1.0 international start-up-competition.


The minister said that the government has to support small- and medium-sized enterprises by possible statute opportunities and the higher education system has to provide high quality professional knowledge. 

However he reported that the hungarian enterprises are below the average in field of efficiency and productivity. He added that in the last years Hungary was the most successfull regarding employment developing in the EU.

Establisher of the competition Andrew, prince of York also has taken part in the event. He said that regarding the experinece of last years, the competetors who are the most successfull during the competition have a high chance to reach further business successes.  The competition is a good opportunity for those who has a great idea, as they have the possibility to find investors and supporters during the competition. So this event is not only a competition, it is also a professional forum where investors can meet great ideas and develop them together with ideo owners to become start-up companies.