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Hungary is the 7th most prefered investment target

Th IBM Global Location Trends launced that according to their statistics based on data of 2017, Hungary is the 7th most attractive investment target in the World.


Regarding the high added value foreign investments Hungary is also at the firt line as the country is on the 16th place at the moment.   

Hungary is attractive as the investment environment is very friendly. Here is the lowest the PIT and also the corporate income tax inside Europe. More over the social contribution tax is also constantly reducing.   

In the last years there is a significant development regarding employment as the unemployment has been reduced down to 3,5 %. 


Source: http://www.kormany.hu/hu/kulgazdasagi-es-kulugyminiszterium/tajekoztatasert-es-magyarorszag-nemzetkozi-megjeleneseert-felelos-allamtitkar/hirek/magyarorszag-a-hetedik-legkedveltebb-befektetesi-celpont