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Excellent professioanls of Europe

In the grand opening of EuroSkills Budapest 2018 - competition of professions Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister maid a speech. He said that regarding the disadvantage of Europe and Hungary the key solution can be the professional knowledge of profes

This disadvantage can be disapeared by educating excellent professionals, and Europe can be able to reach back its former power - Viktor Orban said.   

D_KOS20180925022A picture of Szilárd Koszticsák, MTI

The Prime Minister added that Hungary has great professional anf the country id proud of these professionals and honor them. 


László Paragh president of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry told that the Chamber is very proud of having the possibility to organize this international competition, as 525 competitiors and 500 experts of 37 professins from 28 couries are present in the event.

He said that today is the end of an era of the vocational training and a new periond, the modern and digital period of vocational training is borning in these days. This is called vocational training  in which professionals are educated for the leading companies in term of Industry 4.0 processes.


By organizing the EuroSkills Budapest 2018 competition, Hungary shows that crafts and trades are very important for the countray and the hungrian youngsters are ready to bulid and develope the country . Also Hungary emphasise that the country is proud of those youngsters who choose a craft or trade as profession.


The competition motivate and support excellence, links members of trades, the teachers and masters of crafts and trades with young competitiors. 



Source: http://www.kormany.hu/hu/a-miniszterelnok/hirek/europa-kivalo-szakemberek-kepzesevel-dolgozhatja-le-a-versenyhatranyat