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Comming the new labour market pilot programme

The programme aims to involve public employees, unemployed people and inactive citizens into labour market and activate them.


The empoloyment statistics have been improved significantly compared to 2010. The number of employed people incresed with 774 000 people, so the number of employed citizens is around 4,5 millions at the moment.

Mihály Varga Financial Minister of Hungary said that the govermnet going to focus on activating that significant amounts potential labour source who are inactive at the moment. With the help of the new pilot program they aims to support at least 50 000 people to find job in the private sector. To reache this goal it is important to educate public employees and ease the employment of women with little child and retired people. 


Source: http://www.kormany.hu/hu/nemzetgazdasagi-miniszterium/hirek/negy-es-fel-millioan-dolgoznak-magyarorszagon