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A new investment was implemented by the Large Company Investment Supporting Programme

Since the starting of the project in 2015 investments have been implement for around 131,5 milliard HUF, which were supported by the government with 53,1 milliard HUF. By the project around 2 000 new workpaces have been established so far.


The Ikarus Járműtechniaki Ltd. was launched its 1,2 milliárd HUF investment, which was supported with 420 million HUF by the Hugarian government in circumstances of the Large company Investment Supporting Project. 


IMG_4883 (1)


The government aims to support the efficiency, productability and marketability of the large companies by reacting a friendly tax system, helping wage rises and supporting vocational traning system and investments. 

The Large Company Investment Supporting Project is one of the actions to reache the mentioned goals.