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Our company was founded in December, 2017 by the Municipality of Kaposvár County City with the aim of strengthening and widening the economic and business life in the city.

For the Founder it is important that by the economic development the employment, the standard of living of citizens and revenues of the city from local taxes increase. The increased revenues from local taxes are used for further developments and social care. The Founder’s goal by the founding of this company is the creation of an equilibrium in the labour market where the jobseekers can get a job within a short period of time, furthermore, a satisfying number and quality of employees become available for the companies already operating in the city and for the ones intending to settle down in Kaposvár.


Uhlig Rita
Managing director





The Kaposvár Economic Development and Innovation Public Nonprofit Ltd. is an integral part of the city of Kaposvár. For our company, it is natural to promote start-ups and improve the quality of life of the citizens through project initiatives. The Kaposvár Economic Development and Innovation Public Nonprofit Ltd. is committed to environment protection, the society, the economy and its employees. Employees are the most important capital for the company. For this reason our company offers its workers an attractive working environment and supports their professional improvement through trainings.